Be very honest with yourself, when I ask you “How was your night?” what runs to your mind? What would be your respond? Are you sure of what you’ve just said to yourself? In the part of the world where I come from, domestically, we speak what is term as colloquial; combination of American English spoken by the Negros with a mixture of creole and penguin. Sometimes we speak and ask questions that are not grammatically correct and we understand each other but one can rephrase it in a standard form for a non-Liberian who might find it difficult to understand.
A man met his church sister on a Sunday morning and spoke to her as we locally do. My sister morning O, he said. The lady responding said: morning my brother. Just as anyone could have continue the line of greetings, the man in continuation said: How was your night? The lady reply, what about my night you want to know? O so you want me tell you how I remove my clothes? How my legs were toss apart? How many rounds we went? And she kept going on and on and on. The man stood in shock, speechless and didn’t know what to say next. I guess this was like a bad dream as we might say locally. I quest it was one unfortunate day for him.
I do not think this was the first time anyone had ever asked this lady “How was your night?” I am also of the conviction that in times past, she might have  also asked others “How was your night?” Did someone used a dirty conscience in responding to her question? Was she now paying back what someone had done to her before? From all indications, I guess the lady was having a rough morning and the man’s greetings actually added insult to injury thereby awakening her dirty conscience.
Some people term to use a dirty conscience when a question is asked or when someone says something. I think it is preferable to view things from a positive stand point and avoid over analyzing a simple situation no matter how angry or frustrated we are at that moment. Wrong interpretation of simple things causes chaos and confusion. Your angry respond to someone’s kind gesture could cause shame and embarrassment for that individual and also caused the same for you at a future date. You have no idea how a little situation could cause great embarrassment for another person. You have no idea how difficult it is to forgive and let go. As we say, what makes a man shame makes him angry. Do not use you dirty conscience to interpret things and give them a different or negative meeting. Do not used your dirty conscience to tint situations thereby making the world an uncomfortable place to reside.