Most times in life, we regret about those things we should have done while someone was alive.  At times we even live with those regrets and we are unable to forgive ourselves. The thing is that, he or she might have slept hungry many nights while the rest of us dumped our left over Jollof Rice and fried chicken in the trash can before going to bed. While he or she might have woke up not having even gari to start the day with, the rest of us might have said we didn’t feel like taking a sandwich for breakfast rather, another sumptuous meal. Some of us even took five meals per day while he or she might have taken a single meal that was usually prepared during the evening hours.

We had no idea how they struggle to get a single pair of shoes while our shoes racks were cover with many pairs we had no use for. We had dozens of suits in our closet fighting for space; some we have not worn for more than a year and others we bought but might never wear. But yet still, we did not see the need to give those suits to him or her who might have had greater need. Some of them might not have even known where tags are placed on new clothes because they could only afford used clothes throughout their span.

Getting out of bed many morning might have been very difficult and highly demotivating at times because he or she might not have had anything to yank for each day; they might not have had anything inspiring to be energetic for. Going to work (be it at the business place or the hustle ground) or school with a demotivated spirit everyday dried up their spirit gradually. They might have gotten little or no help each day; they might have wanted to ask for assistance but didn’t know what the outcome could had been.

At the end of their journey, at the point where their lights were finally turn off, at that point where even water was no longer appreciated by them, then, that’s the time we want water  to be turn into wine. That’s the time we know how important they were. That’s the time we take to social media and flood our timelines with memories and photos of them. At this junction, we are even willing to pay any amount to grace their funeral rite; we are willing to give out silver and gold just to have them back in this live; the point where we wished we could have a final one minute talk with them; the point where we wished we had done something extra to help.

All of our wishes, our late love, and our wonderful and belated social media posts have actually missed the 7:00 AM bus. How come we didn’t render that little help that should have meant a lot in their lives? That sacrifice that should have help them reduce the burden of their daily hustle; that one dollar contribution to their project that should have added up; that help that should  have reduce our regrets knowing that we did tried. Why do we keep giving people their flowers after they are gone? Should we always do things when not necessary? Should we keep living like this? How did you tried?

-In loving memory of Quincy L. Burrowes: A shinning star that disappear too soon…