In life, there are people who have excel to higher heights. Be it career, business, education, marriage or whatsoever, we will always find people who have excel greatly. These people are to be envy but positively. An easier way to access the secret of getting to the top is to locate the man or woman who have excel in the particular area we wished for or we are working towards. Once we’ve located the right person who have excel greatly, we study their stories. By studying their stories, we learn about the difficulties they’ve encounter while heading to the top, the sacrifices they’ve made, what did it caused them, and how did they overcome those difficulties encountered?
After we’ve study their stories, we learn from their lifestyle. How do they conduct themselves daily? How discipline are they in maintaining what they’ve obtained? Are they living a wasteful life?
Remember, people who have worked hard and have excel greatly never stop working hard, they never stop sacrificing more to maintain their place at the peak; they continue to be disciplined.