Do you give to others because you want them to see you as their idol? Do you give because you want God to be pleased with you?  Or are you giving because you have abundant? Well, before we harvest, a seed must first be sow.

When things are hard, do you reduce your giving because you do not have enough for yourself?  Remember the story of Elijah and the widow at zarephath? The widow was gathering sticks to cook her last meal so that she and her son could eat it and die, but God sent Elijah to this widow and Elijah told her: cook for me first that I may eat and then you can cook for you and your son. Why did God sent Elijah to this widow? He could have send Elijah to the palace or to a rich person but rather to a widow who was preparing her last. The widow did as Elijah commanded. I call this “Eat your last and die or give to the last and live.” and as the story goes, the widow gave to Elijah and at the end, she had abundant.

This simple means that we  shouldn’t give to people because we want them worship us or in order to please God,  rather we should give for our own benefits; in order to have an harvest. Remember, our giving is our seed and whatsoever we sow, we shall reap. You can’t sow Mango and reap oranges.