A degree to me is a mere paper with prints and stamp on it, if concrete or a rank of academic stage if abstract. I took a team of auditors in another county for an audit. While awaiting management for the entrance conference, one of the staff said :boss lady, can I get you something to drink? A Sierra Leonean near by said to the staff: why are u calling her boss lady? Can that little girl be your boss? The staff laughed and said she is our boss. Why do you said that? Is it impossible? The Sierra Leonean responded: since I came to Liberia, people who are called boss do not look common or simple. You usually see people bowing to them, carrying their bags and rushing to serve them. These bosses carry themselves so high to the extent people get intimidated. In fact, female bosses around here wear so much gold jeweler and expensive attires but your boss is so common and simple. Listening to their conversation, I shook my head and smile in my seated position.

Do I have to carry my MBA or my position on my forehead for others to know who I am or how qualify I am? Even though I have earnestly earn my degree, God first and because I am able to defend it due to that I have a temporary position, it stills doesn’t call for acting big and proud or behaving arrogant towards my office staff and other individuals. At this point, a single MBA is like an advanced BBA degree to me. I am striving to obtained a CPA, another master and other professional certificates before obtaining a DBA. Even if by the grace of God I obtained all of these degrees and professional certificates, it won’t still make me change from the original me. The degrees and titles won’t cause me to wear gold on my teeth because I’ve got a point to prove or because I want to show-off. Do you have any idea how many people around the world have 2 or 3 PhD’s but they still live in their own skin? why brag about that pitiful degree? stop wasting your time by carrying yourself high and mighty cause we have 24 years old Medical Doctors today and yes, we also have some 24 years old with PhD. So, you see why I won’t stick my degree on my forehead?