Our most beautiful moments varied. For some, it’s a surprise engagement right held out doing a night out. For others, it’s the key of a Range Rover Evoque surprisingly place in their hands on a special day. For some, it’s receiving a presidential appointment for a particular position. For other people, it’s a dream vacation to Disney land unveiling every fairy tale they’ve read and watched. For some, it’s the cry of that baby, cancelling out all the pains felt during labor. For some, it’s standing their as they watch their child receive that degree with highest distinction after hard studies and so much efforts. For others, it’s just holding hands with that special someone and walking on the beach, not saying much but feeling complete.
No matter the moments, no matter the size of the outcome, no matter how long it took for such moment to become a reality, we all have different moments we’ve cherished the most and we will always remember.