Many a time in the traffic,  older folks make argument with younger folks or drivers about their length of time in the traffic and their level of experience pertaining driving. Also,  people term to laugh at middle-age or older individuals who can not drive. 
My mom learned to drive when I was in 2nd grade. One day while perfecting her driving skills along the highway, a Sand Truck  driving behind her horned at her slow movement.  In fear,  she frighteningly left the lane and drove the car off the road. She got out the driver’s seat and told her driver she was not getting back in. Sure yes.  My mama did not get back in until 18 years later;  one year after I completed graduate school. 

Today in 2017, my mama drives to and fro work,  church and everywhere she wants to go. I do not think driving should be competition. Also,  I do not think people she be laughed at or mocked at because they can not drive. We are all brave and scared at different things and we all have weaknesses. In short,  I think “We Drive Per Time.