No matter the job you do or the little business you manage,  be proud of your business or profession at the moment. 

A friend and I stop at a local printing  center to make inquiry.  After the inquiry, the owner of the business gave us his business card. So astonished,  I held up the card and view it with a smile. The card was made from a yellow local poster sheet with low quality prints on them. The business center was nothing extra to look at;  zinc structure with  supported wooding sticks and a floor plastered with mortar. Even though his business is far below class, he had no shame in making a business card. With pride,  he handed them out to his customers and his would-be  customers. 

During my days as an Auditor with a CPA Firm,  there were several times I attended  Entrance Conferences and other Audit meetings where  Executives,  did not have  Business Card and their phone numbers had to be jotted on note pads. 

No matter your position at that job site, no matter how low class that business is,  if the need arises to make a Business/Call Card,  make one and boldly hand them out.  There is no crime in that.  Do not allow the littleness of that business or that position to make you inferior.  Just so you know,  Business cards are not only meant for Fortune 500 Companies.